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Writing A Bucket List

Feb 17, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Going through the daily life processes and routines can quickly become monotonous and lead to burnout. Yes, you may be ticking items off your to-do lists and crushing them at work and home. But what happens when it becomes tedious and no longer enjoyable.

Thanks to bucket lists, individuals can now do activities that make them feel alive and makes life more enjoyable because, after all, we only have one life to live.

So what are bucket lists? Bucket lists are activities you’d like to do before a set time, like high school bucket lists and college buckets lists.

Items on a bucket list do not have to be dangerous activities but can range from simple things like riding a bike to bungee jumping. 

So how do you go about setting a bucket list? Firstly, name your bucket list. Names can reflect the idea behind the bucket list, like ‘things to do before turning 40′ and ’20’s bucket list’. The next thing to do is to think of where to keep your bucket list to ensure accountability. Like dreams, ticking items off your bucket list can be inspiring and improve your general source of being.

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When listing items on your bucket list, pause to consider your values and personalities. What makes you happy? What have you always wanted to try out? What fear do you want to conquer? Answering these questions can get you started. 

Be realistic and patient with yourself in setting deadlines for achieving the items on your bucket list. Yes, setting deadlines can act as a push to propel you further into achieving the set items, but it’s essential to take things gradually. A tip is to break list items into smaller blocks, so say you plan on climbing up a certain height someday but are scared of heights; breaking it into smaller peaks to conquer within periods can help you tick this item off your list.