You Can Finally Paint Your House to Look Like a Dunkin' Donuts

May 28, 2021 ByLaura Lee

Food and beverage companies collaborating with brands from outside the industry have become all the rage. Some of these partnerships are inherently exciting: Game of Thrones meets Scotch whisky? Why not! Sure, others can be as boring as watching paint dry. But an unlikely collab has just been announced for which watching paint dry is the excitement. Dunkin’ has teamed up with the online paint retailer Backdrop for official pink and orange interior house paints.

Launching today exclusively through Backdrop’s website, Dunkin’ Pink and Dunkin’ Orange are reproductions of Dunkin’ two bright, iconic colors—billed as the coffee and donut chain’s “first-ever paint collection,” just in case that needed any clarification. The two brands say they even worked together to ensure the hues were just right.

“Dunkin’ is an iconic American brand and we couldn’t be more thrilled to launch their first paint colors,” Natalie Ebel, co-founder of Backdrop, explained. “The sensorial overlap between donuts and icing and sprinkles and paint, combined with Dunkin’s vibrant brand colors make for the perfect collaboration. We hope brand fans have just as much fun bringing these colors to life in their homes as we did creating them.”

dunkin' donuts cup and bad

GettyImages/Tim Boyle/Getty Image News

“Our fans have absolutely loved the fresh new ways we’ve helped them show their Dunkin’ passion and pride over the years,” Jamie Kelly, associate manager of strategic partnerships at Dunkin’, added. “With home improvements on the rise this year, we’re thrilled to team up with Backdrop to give Dunkin’ devotees the opportunity to really bring home their love for our brand with a fresh coat of paint for the ultimate home décor.”The paints will be sold in Backdrop’s new half-gallon, recyclable, stainless steel cans – described as offering the perfect quantity of paint for something like a small DIY project. Or, you know, you could buy a whole bunch of these can to paint your entire house like a Dunkin’ restaurant to fulfill a lifelong dream. It’s up to you really.

Each half-gallon will set you back $39, but make up your mind quickly because only limited supplies are available.